The Seven Rivers Warriors were an outlaw gang in the Old American West known, in large part, for their role in the Lincoln County War. The gang originally formed in the mid-1870s from a group of disgruntled small ranchers who felt victimized by the larger, more powerful ranchers in their area. They banded together to shake up the cattle industry, standing in opposition to now-infamous outlaws like Billy the Kid, Richard “Dick” Brewer, Charlie Bowdre, and Doc Scurlock. 

I named this site in the spirit of the Seven River Warriors. They were the little guys, the ranchers with little political capital and nothing to lose, who wanted to shake up a system designed to benefit the powerful. That’s kind of what I want to do, only with hospitals. 

This site isn’t going to shake up the healthcare industry, but it’s going to give you, dear reader, the knowledge necessary to enter hospitals with confidence. You should be able to advocate for what you need, and if a facility doesn’t have that, you should be able to go elsewhere. That’s what my resources are designed to do.  

Of course, I’ll also provide a few expert health tips along the way.